Letters from Ora Labora – April 10, 1864

April 10, 1864. Ora Labora. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici

Ora Labora

April 10, 1864

Mess. R. L. Baker & Jacob Henrici.

Honored Friends!

My greeting in the name of the Lord. Your worthy letter of March 9 I have partially replied to from Detroit.

Your encouragement: “that the Lord has certainly extended his protective omnipotent hand over me, and that a consequence of every sacrifice of love is certain to have God’s blessings,” has encouraged me very much. It is my experience that it is the truth.

That you take it with the businesses [in entirety?] is even more preferable to me, because I on the one side learn from it, and on the other side am convinced that you , dear friends, wish us well.

I have come completely to an understanding about the matter with Mr. Robinson. He once again has included into the mortgage all of the land which was already transferred over to you, and also the improvements on it.

It may be that we are receiving a contract for 6,000 telephone [sic] posts. We are asking a dollar for each one of cedarwood, 25 feet long, pealed, knots off, completely ready, and on our dock. Perhaps you are able on your trip to recommend us with your wide acquaintances with the railroad companies.

May the Lord repay you richly for your love.

With friendliest greeting, your servant in the Lord,

Emil Baur.