Letters from Ora Labora – December 15th, 1864

December 15th, 1864. Ora Labora. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici.

Ora Labora

Dec. 15/64

Mess. Baker & Henrici:

Honored Friends!

Filled with an ardent desire of expectation of a charitable reply to my letter of 30 November, permit me to communicate to you that unfortunately we have not received back the brothers L. Faul and J. Froebe, however, probably the latest Dietzel and Stiegman. In L. F. we have lost a very good businessman. Br. J. Kolb has been chosen for his place. God grant that this abominable rebellion soon would be destroyed– lock, stock and barrel. Many other jobs at home are falling upon me because of the loss of these brothers, which hinders me in the collection of funds from the outside.

My brothers therefore await with suspense your charitable decision. “It would be in askance, after we worked so hard, have withstood so much, to fall into the hands of a Robinson or any other greedy lawyer.” That is the inner voice which moves their heart. For my part I am firmly convinced that you, because of the fact that you certainly have stood by us from the very beginning out of pure love, and have even overstepped a firm rule in order to be able to stand by us. Had it not been for the hard times and the two poor harvests, one right after the other, then we would have been able to punctually fulfill our obligation to you. It gives me many sleepless nights, especially since I, as a private citizen, was never indebted to anyone.

The development here of the sources of help demands so much time and capital that one often doesn’t know whence both are coming. This year goes by like a quick-step march. On these grounds I was still for a larger loan of at least $20,000, only if somehow possible for you, to help us out once again with $5,000, fo a longer time, which I have pointed-out in my last letter, so ist uns geholfen. [Ed Note: Translated That is how we are helped]

We are, thanks be to God, all very healthy and vigorously at work. Since the 6th of December the sledding is good and the logs are thereby collected.

Remember us in your prayers, Christmas is right around the corner. May the Dear, Holy God grant you a great many inner and external joys, is the wish and the prayers of those obligated to you with heartfelt thanks.

Emil Baur.

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