Letters from Ora Labora – November 2nd, 1864

November 2nd, 1864. Ora Labora. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici

Ora Labora.

Nov. 2, 1864.

Mess. Baker & Henrici

Honored Friends,

Your tender, loving writings from Detroit, care of D. Preston, came to me and uplifted and revived my strength and spirit in my desperation, especially because I could observe from it that you would not leave us while we are in such a state of need.

With a grateful heart toward God I inform you that I was declared unfit to serve in the war.

How glad was my family, when I returned home again yesterday night around 10:00!

Since I have to attend to various things before the departure of the mail, I ask you to excuse the brevity of the letter and remain,

Your always faithful and grateful friend,

Emil Baur.

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