Letters from Ora Labora – June 1st, 1864

June 1st, 1864. Ora Labora. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici

Ora Labora.

June 1, 1864.

Mess. Baker and Henrici

Economy, PA

Dear Friends,

During the last business trip I found your draft of $5,000 in East Saginaw with Mr. Robinson and am deeply bound to you. I am pleased to be able to tell you that we have gained many honest and industrious friends. This spring we have received the joy of a general well-being, spiritually and physically, with the insight that our sawmill is now up and running since a few days ago and that we can carry on unhindered without fear or doubts in good faith of those who have so mercifully helped us up to now.

It would be an encouragement to us all if you were to pay a visit in order to both refresh our friendship and so that we would be able to thank you in person.

If huge prices hadn’t set in we would have been in a position to invest your money in the installation of salt mines on the Bay or at least to get started with it. In this way all the wood could be used to boil the salt. We could have even produced barrels and tires ourselves, for which we have an abundance of supplies.

Yet, we will remain patient. God will provide. In the hope of your prompt reply or better yet the joy of your own presence, with heart-felt greetings,

Yours faithfully in the Lord,

Emil Baur.